BDP srl, Blu di Prussia (Prussian Blue), comes from a businessman’s courage and foresight to invest in a group of experts in the field with twenty years knowledge in textile and fashion industry and their passion, willing to put themselves back in the game developing a brand new company and the main goal: to serve customers the highest quality product and service possible.

BDP is a printing company strategically built in Carpi, a structure conceived, “fashioned” on its operators’ talent, allowing them to offer best service to any customer.

BDP consists in style research department and graphic, studying tendencies and developing prints in a close partnership with the sampling office, a link forming an real laboratory where new techniques are created, tested and tuned; all combined on last fashion trends and/or specific client needs to offer last season prints.

BDP’s Production department counts four print offices:

  • Table print office: on cross cloth or finished garment, using acid, reactive or pigment stencil techniques.
  • Ready-made spraying office: realising gradients, degradè, ecc. using acids, reactive or pigment.
  • Digital print office: using acid, reactive or pigment dyeing prints on finished garments, cross cloth and meter length.
  • Sublimate print office: prints on cotton using own plotter print and press.

We print on vegetal, animal, leather and synthetic fibers.

All production and sample departments work assisted by the Color Lab and by vapour/washing office: the former creating colours recipes, the latter completing the print process fixing tints and completing the finish.
Added to all these production stages are thermal-adhesive foil and film applications, as cold dyeing.

BDP, in close partnership with Cierre Ricami, company part of the main group, is able to offer to clients graphic projects for textures and applications, a production and sample divisions to all thermal-adhesive applications, from studs to strass, laser cut able to engrave any kind of pattern requested by customers or directly from our graphic division and a digital pigment printing division.

Here follows just a few of the many Blu di Prussia productions:

  • sublimated print on cotton and polyester
  • digital print on garment or cloth by acid dyeing or reactive dyeing
  • pigment digital print on garment or cloth
  • Airbrush on garment or cloth
  • Roll prints on garment or cloth
  • Foil and film application
  • Manual flat print in stencil technique
  • Sponge, brush, palette print
  • Halftone screen hand print
  • Corrosion print
  • Resist dyeing print
  • Devorè
  • Cloth needle punch and Garzo on cloth or garment
  • Hand embroidery
  • Thermal-adhesive strass, bolts,… applications
  • Designed applications